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We always hear “Caution is better than Cure”, so why not apply it to our practical life especially while travelling when probability of unforeseen increases. We always have various means to cure near our place, but no one while travelling. Galaxy travels don't let any mis-happening ruin your trip by the means of providing Travel Insurance to act as your helping hand among all unknown faces. It gives you complete protection as well as compensation in case of any loss.

We protect you against Medical expenses throughout your trip in case of any accident, illness. Now you don't have to suffer losses in case of cancellation of trip or flight due to any sudden emergency. Travel insurance reimburses all the losses of all advance bookings. Many people incur huge losses due to missed flights, but if you have a travel insurance in hand you don't need to worry about expenses or re-booking. It also covers thefts and loss of personal belongings. Travel insurance has a special feature of curtailment of trip in case of any emergency.

You don't need to be unsecured when you are insured.

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